Where are we going with this?

Fascism has many names and faces, disguises, and masks. White supremacists, alt-right, Nazis, racists, racialists, race realists, nationalists — they rebrand themselves when and where ever they can. They are nationalist, authoritarian, and require radical conformity and obedience to the Fatherland, Mother Russia, or … Q.

I will simply call…

Grateful to whom?

I always hated all the nonsense about gratitude because “gratitude” is an activity you don’t do alone. You are grateful to someone or something. I knew it was a way — deliberately or unconsciously — to smuggle in the supernatural. You are grateful to God, if Christian, Ganesh, if Hindu…

Deciding what to do next

Morality #1: Do that which pleases God.

Morality #2: Do that which results in human flourishing.

And all the others

When I watched the video of Derick Chauvin lynching George Floyd, I kept getting flashbacks to Rodney King lying in the street with cops surrounding him, beating him, trying to kill him. Given last summer we were in the middle of a pandemic, I didn’t expect the reaction of the…

Self-management and the Coaching Mindset

The life coaching mindset starts out in self-consciousness and ends in self-awareness. Getting from one state to the other takes some time and isn’t ever complete.

Most people who learn life coaching start out self-conscious. While we are usually comfortable having conversations with people, a life coaching conversation has a…

Written by Jim Crow to preserve the brutality of Jim Crow

There is a script we have been following for about a century and a half.

Act I: White people treat black people worse than they would treat animals.

Act II: Black people object.

Act III: White people tell each other that these are rioters and slaughter as many as they…

If you ignore reality, it will eat you alive.

I was in my favorite boutique dispensary the other day. A couple of young men worked behind the counter. They were lovely — friendly, informative, polite. They laughed at my lame jokes.

After everything was bagged up and I was ready to go I had to talk about something that…

The police need to scrub their departments

Recently in a wealthy St. Louis district, a couple pointed guns at BLM protesters strolling by on the sidewalk. It was more than a little hair-raising to watch rather ordinary Americans pointing guns at a bunch of other ordinary Americans who were too close and in too large numbers.


Your heritage can kiss my fanny

I’m sorry, but that heritage is slavery and Jim Crow. Don’t tell me that you never owned a slave. The only reason you’ve never owned a slave is because the South lost the war. …

You only thought it was over

I want to re-litigate the “war between the states” otherwise known as the “American Civil War.”

There is a widely held belief that the civil war ended in 1865 when the Noble and Godlike General Robert E. Lee surrendered at the Appomattox Courthouse.

But that was not the end. The…

Susan Brassfield Cogan

I write self-help, life coaching, and politicaI opinion. I do coach. Only squares pay. If you don’t know what that is, you are one. https://www.susanbcogan.com

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