Life coaching for personal development

An old idea with a new twist

Susan Brassfield Cogan


We are Coaching Beyond the Fences a nonprofit dedicated to changing the rate of recidivism internationally by offering Life Coach Training, Re-Entry Coaching, Mentorship, Scholarship, and career opportunities to formerly incarcerated people.

Never been arrested? Read on.

Discover who you want to be

During airplane safety announcements you are always told that you should put on your own oxygen mask first before helping other people.

Learning life coaching for personal development is like that. You will learn the “coach approach” to challenges and personal interactions. You will learn ways to follow your values. Learning the skills to grow your life can be a wonderful journey of self-discovery.

You will grow and when you do you will help others to grow automatically. You will model healthy, wholesome behaviors. You will be visibly more confident and make better decisions. Those things will serve the people around you in your day-to-day life — friends, family, coworkers, everyone.

You will learn how to:

• Deepen listening skills
• Ask powerful questions
• Identify personal values
• Overcome inner obstacles
• See situations and people from different perspectives
• Process deep emotions
• Forgive yourself and others
• AND ABOVE ALL: To own your power!

How this course works:

Each class will be over Zoom at 5 pm central, and will last approximately an hour and a half on Thursdays for six weeks.

Each lesson focuses on a specific life topic and includes

Listening/Powerful Questions
Discovering your values
Intuition, acknowledgment, and championing
The wheel of life
Goal setting
Action and accountability
Process coaching
Balance and perspectives



Susan Brassfield Cogan

I write self-help, life coaching, and political opinion. I am a creativity and mindfulness coach