Which is that seriously mentally ill people, criminals, and evil people cannot be deterred by any gun control law now on the books or that may be passed in the future.

Trump inherited a booming economy and the tax cuts only benefit the rich. Some black people are rich but not enough to make that a good thing.

Black people look at Republicans and see people that hate them. I’m not going to vote for someone who frequently expresses hatred for me. Why would they?

You trot out the same old tired race card….anybody you oppose politically is a racist…

You played the race card (I have never understood why blacks routinely give a minimum of 90% of their votes to whichever candidate has the (D) next to their name on the ballot.) and I just responded to it. You seemed to be wondering about something and I supplied an explanation. They don’t vote for anybody but democrats because democrats do not display open hatred for them. That’s the reason. If you want black people to vote Republican, you’re going to have to get that beam out of your eye.

Republican proposals for entitlement reform are unpopular — you are right about that. Why? Because Americans like the “free stuff”

The big “welfare” states in Europe and elsewhere don’t have taxation as progressive as ours. European countries all (or mostly) have a VAT tax which helps with paying for stuff. People pay high taxes, but they get a lot for it. Public transportation, health care, child care, retirement. They tend to have high rates of entrepreneurship because there’s a lot less worry about being homeless or destitute if start-ups fail.

Other countries behave as if the purpose of government is to tend to the general welfare of the people. American conservatives tend to believe that the sole purpose of government is to keep rich people rich. Everyone else can just suck it.

The one thing Obama said during his 2008 campaign that I agreed with 100% is when he called out Bush for doubling the national debt.

In the history of our country, whenever we went to war the government imposed a war tax to pay for it in whole or in part. The reason the top tax rate in the 1950s was 90% was to pay back the debt for WWII. Bush was the first president that cut taxes and then started a war.

And you obviously didn’t get the memo: When the congress/president is Republican, debt doesn’t matter. It only matters if Democrats are in power. You should wait until next year for this topic.

I regularly read Paul Krugman so I’m very familiar with the debt and inflation hysteria. Most of the national debt is held by Americans themselves. It’s a nice place to park your money so it doesn’t inflate away. The interest rate is nearly always right at or just above inflation.

For the last 10 years or so conservatives have been hysterical about runaway inflation while the FED was struggling to keep inflation up to 2% and failing much of the time. (For some reason I don’t understand, inflation needs to hang around 2%. If I had a degree in economics, I probably wouldn’t be arguing with someone on the internet.) Conservatives were hysterical about inflation even when it was near zero. Any second the economy was going to be the Weimar Republic and Greece! I tell you! Greece! It didn’t happen. It still hasn’t happened.

Some of the US debt will inflate away. Some of it will get taken care of with higher taxes. I know the very idea causes conservatives to faint from shock, but higher taxes will take care of much of the problem. We could even join the modern world and institute a VAT.

And it takes a conservative to brag about a tax cut in paragraph #2 and then a few paragraphs later talk about a terrifying “debt bomb.”

Fixing Social Security and medicare would be extremely easy. Raise the FICA tax on high earners. Right now it’s ridiculously low.



I write self-help, life coaching, and politicaI opinion. I am a creativity and mindfulness coach https://www.susanbcogan.com

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Susan Brassfield Cogan

Susan Brassfield Cogan

I write self-help, life coaching, and politicaI opinion. I am a creativity and mindfulness coach https://www.susanbcogan.com

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