I’m not as worried about Ukraine as I was. I’m not making any predictions, tho.

Susan Brassfield Cogan
3 min readMar 16, 2022

For some reason, probably related to his megalomania problem, Putin thought Ukraine would be a pushover. He’d blitzkrieg right in there and snap it up. Zelinski is a comedian, a joke himself. He’d roll over in 24 hours.

At least that’s how it all worked in Putin’s mind. He wants to rebuild the Russian empire and Ukraine is key to that. Ukraine would love, love to be in NATO and frankly we want them in there. If they join NATO they will be lost to the Russian Empire forever.

Putin needs the West to be afraid to allow Ukraine into NATO. And so far that’s worked pretty well.

But the invasion is not working so well and people are cheering on the heroic Ukrainians fighting and the heroic Russian people protesting and … and … like Putin we expected Ukraine to just be crushed.

And here we are a couple weeks later and the “kreig” isn’t looking too “blitz-y.” WTF? I thought we were doing Poland 1939. (In case you were wondering why Poland seems to be taking all this pretty hard, they think so too.)

1939 appears not to be happening and I have an idea why (probably not original, but here goes).



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