Do we really want to impeach that jerk?

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Especially since the Comey hearing, I’m itching to impeach Trump as much as the next person, but we need to think this thing through.

Trump is betraying, besmirching, and embarrassing the USA on pretty much a daily basis. He easily and casually confesses to crimes because he has zero expectation that he will be held accountable for anything he does.

When the special prosecutor finishes his work he will probably have plenty of evidence to impeach Trump. Here’s a laugh, if you are into heavy irony: colluding with the Russians may not be illegal. If Trump had just chilled out about it, let the process work, he might have emerged unscathed.

But he couldn’t do that, of course, he has the social skills of a 3-year-old. He had to confess to obstruction of justice on national television. Obstruction of justice is a crime. He could not only be impeached but conceivably go to jail for it.

Maybe Bernie Madoff can be his celly in the penthouse suite at Butner Federal Correctional Institution.

All of that sounds heavenly to me. I’d love to put him someplace where he can’t insult Angela Merkel to her face.

But do we really want to do that?

(Yes! Yes! Yes!)
Ignore the words in the parentheses. That’s my inner child jumping up and down for attention. If we do that, it means Mike Pence would automatically become president.

If Pence were president he would be polite to everyone. He won’t be shoving the prime minister of Montenegro out of his way to find the limelight. He doesn’t brag incessantly, nor does he whine about how abused he is. Those two things right there are a big plus. He’s not a paranoid who wants to be surrounded only by friends and family. He’d fill all those empty staff posts with at least superficially qualified candidates. Best of all, he probably won’t start WWIII in a fit of pique at 3 a.m.

But… Pence is a theocrat. He’s opposed to any rights or recognition of the LGBTQ community. He’s hotly opposed to any autonomy, sexual or otherwise, for women. For him, being anti-abortion is just the tip of the iceberg. He wants to repeal and replace Obamacare, and return to the previous health care system that killed about 45,000 people a year. Being a good Christian, he is, of course, opposed to any government assistance for the poor. (Heavy irony, please don’t comment on that.)

Pence would not be an international embarrassment, but he would be devastating to women’s reproductive rights, and rights in general. Theocrats are big believers in freedom of religion, but they interpret that to mean they are free to make you live by their cruel and pointless rules.

I have been hearing here and there that Pence was actually involved in the Russian thing. Maybe he and Trump will be pitched out in a single go.

Next up is Paul Ryan. He’s a sorta kinda libertarian, which technically means small government and the greatest freedom for the greatest number of people. But like most Republicans he’s a libertarian when it’s convenient and a fascist when it’s not. He has all the same advantages of Pence. He has polished manners. He understands how Washington works. He’s actually read the constitution. He wouldn’t be an amateur driver behind the wheel, crashing into things when he forgets to steer. He would not be embarrassing.

But like Pence he wants to remove all government assistance for the poor. He wants rich people to pay no taxes. (It’s a moral issue. Taxation is theft by force. But the moral principle doesn’t apply to you if you’re poor.) He wants to return to the old health care system (the one that killed 45,000 a year). If he could, he would sell off all Federal lands to oil companies. He’d privatize everything in sight. He’d institute a pay-for-play government.

He won’t do.

There’s no breath of scandal that adheres to him. So the line of succession would probably not go further. However, if it did, Orrin Hatch and Rex Tillerson are next in line, which means the prospects of getting a decent human being in the White house would be dim.

So do we really want Trump to be impeached and removed from office? Other than the WWIII thing, Trump’s downsides are mostly downsides because we’ve had 8 years of Mr. Smooth-and-Cool Obama.

Face it, we’re spoiled.

Yes, Trump breaks the rules about every five minutes. It makes for very entertaining news reports. I’d much rather read his idiotic tweets than have a president that will politely and with great warmth and sincerity, let children starve, require all women to be barefoot and pregnant, destroy the National Park System or kick granny off Medicare.

So we need to think this over. Are we really sure we want to impeach Trump?

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