Democratic Socialism: But what about Venezuela?


Republican policies are wildly unpopular.

They are forced to run exclusively on racism and fear — fear of brown people, fear of the poor and now, for good measure fear of Venezuela. That and raw tribalism will allow them to keep most of the South and a lot of the West.

But Venezuela!

Hugo Chavez was no angel but he lifted his country out of poverty and brought it into the modern world — universal health care, universal education, the poverty rate was cut in half. He paid for it with oil money — mostly.

Socialism without the democracy.

Venezuela was robbed of its democracy.

Trump and Co. are vultures.

They will feed as much as they can — stealing as much as they can. But we have a free press. We have checks and balances.

Author, CTI Life Coach, Buddhist, Left Wing Polemicist. I write about a lot of different things:

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