Written by Jim Crow to preserve the brutality of Jim Crow

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There is a script we have been following for about a century and a half.

Act I: White people treat black people worse than they would treat animals.

Act II: Black people object.

Act III: White people tell each other that these are rioters and slaughter as many as they can.

Act IV: Things go quiet.

St. Louis, 1917, and again Chicago, 1919, and again Tulsa 1921, and again Little Rock, Ar., 1927. There are hundreds of these. I’m going to skip around. Detroit, 1943, Birmingham, Al, 1963, Los Angeles.1964, Chicago again, 1966, Chicago again, 1976,1977, Miami, Fla. 1980, Los…

If you ignore reality, it will eat you alive.

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I was in my favorite boutique dispensary the other day. A couple of young men worked behind the counter. They were lovely — friendly, informative, polite. They laughed at my lame jokes.

After everything was bagged up and I was ready to go I had to talk about something that had been bugging me.

“You guys work in a small store, you meet the public all day and you aren’t wearing masks.”

They looked at me like they had been watching a play and one of the actors started talking to them directly. They didn’t say anything, which was good…

The police need to scrub their departments

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Recently in a wealthy St. Louis district, a couple pointed guns at BLM protesters strolling by on the sidewalk. It was more than a little hair-raising to watch rather ordinary Americans pointing guns at a bunch of other ordinary Americans who were too close and in too large numbers.

They are lawyers! You’d think they’d assume they would be arrested for assault and they’d be disbarred. They had to know what they were doing was illegal.

Nah, I’m kidding.

They probably thought some version of “I have a right to protect my life and property!” They probably thought the castle…

Your heritage can kiss my fanny

Collage by the author with a nod to Andy Warhol

I’m sorry, but that heritage is slavery and Jim Crow. Don’t tell me that you never owned a slave. The only reason you’ve never owned a slave is because the South lost the war. If they had won you would likely own slaves today because they would be a symbol of your innate superiority over the black race and your victory over the people who have become “the libs.”

In the early 19th century (and long, long before that), the view of nearly all white people was that any person of color was automatically inferior. “Race” was a reference to…

You only thought it was over

The South getting trashed at Vicksburg

I want to re-litigate the “war between the states” otherwise known as the “American Civil War.”

There is a widely held belief that the civil war ended in 1865 when the Noble and Godlike General Robert E. Lee surrendered at the Appomattox Courthouse.

But that was not the end. The Confederacy never carried the war to the Union States, almost all of the destruction and death took place in the south. The south had most of its meager infrastructure destroyed. After 1864, diehard insurgents still fought either as the “KKK” or simply as terrorists mostly targeting black people. …

Trump is a symptom. This is the disease.

Confederate soldier with his body servant who was just as much property as his master’s gun and his hat. Library of Congress

I keep getting flashbacks to Rodney King lying in the street with cops surrounding him, beating him, trying to kill him. The country burned then, too. It burned in the 1960s for the same reason and the 1940s and the 1920s.

In 2020, the country is in flames, and Trump has been waving what he was told was a Bible in front of a church he wants you to think was burned down by Antifa.

It’s a nice way to distract your attention from the fact that Derek Chauvin, a Minneapolis police officer, murdered a man in cold blood in…

If he had good manners, he would win in a landslide

Image by kasiaczernik from Pixabay

I’ve been tweeting directly at the president. Arguing back to him. And trolling him shamelessly and I very much enjoy watching others do that as well.

I know his skin is thin but he has millions of followers so the likelihood of him actually seeing my tweets is close to zero. And his most likely answer would be “You’re ugly!”

Suddenly he’s saying everybody is “incompetent.” Biden stung him, calling him an incompetent. Pelosi stung him by suggesting he’s fat. I want them to keep him on his back foot. Keep him off balance. I’ll help any way I can.

And Fascism is just lazy

It used to be an eagle, right? (Pixabay)

There are thousands of articles detailing Donald Trump’s many flaws, and mistakes.

Lots of those articles are mine.

Trump is a horrible, no good, rolling shitshow of badness. Chaos and havoc fountain out of him and his family (#trumpcrimefamily) and splash sewage downward.

We all know that. Some of us are glad. Some of us are tolerant. Most of us are horrified.

I totally get all that.

What do you do when the leadership is as useless as tits on a boar?

Brave people will try to step into the vacuum. When there is a crisis it brings out the…

All Bullies are Cowards

Photo by Ryan Quintal on Unsplash

Trump announced a while back that he had the power to adjourn the Senate to make recess appointments. The hair stood up on the back of my head. That’s something dictator-wannabes do.

He can’t do that, of course. He wanted Congress to recess formally so he could appoint a lackey to some job or other. A high-level job as a government official was available and he wanted to fill it with the moral equivalent of his manicurist — who will do what he’s told.

The Senate didn’t bend the knee. If they had, it would add to Trump’s delusion that…

Introverts and extroverts in the time of plague

Photo by Edwin Hooper on Unsplash

How do you quarantine an introvert? Step aside. Ba-dop-bop!

Appointments, meetings, church, family dinner. “I’m sorry, Covid-19 is forcing me to cancel.” I’d already begun limiting my excursions out of the house by mid-February. I had already been staying home with a cold so rolling into an international disaster was an easy step.

Well into March, both the state and federal governments were treating the pandemic with a dismissive shrug. Out of frustration, on March 24, our local city government issued a stay-at-home order. Even after that I still felt guilty, canceling one thing after another.

I’m non-essential, but not…

Susan Brassfield Cogan

Author, CTI Life Coach, Buddhist, Left Wing Polemicist. I write about a lot of different things: https://www.susanbcogan.com

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